Branding Hacking Strategies for Tech Marketers

Growth hacking continues to be a focus of many of the world’s fastest growing companies.  But most of the case studies on growth hacking are focused on demand generation and quickly ramping revenue. But I have encountered many companies recently that also have a strong focus on building their brand awareness. Most of these companies want to build a brand in a short period of time with a relatively low budget. In other words they want to hack their brand.


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Electrifying Code Names for Cloud Projects

Your company is working on a major upgrade to your cloud platform. The development team comes to you with a request for a cool project name. What do you choose? Most companies choose well known cloud formations such as Nimbus or Cirrus for their project names. If you have a Weather Channel junkie on your marketing team you might even pick something more risky like Stratus. No one ever seems to pick Cumulus. I guess big and puffy are not the adjectives most people want for their high tech cloud platform.  But surely there are better names to choose from than Nimbus or Cirrus.


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Landing Pages Should Offer Downloads to the Cloud (Not Just Your Hard Drive)

Cloud Storage services such as Dropbox,, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are growing quickly in popularity as more and more users prefer to have their content accessible on multiple devices rather than tethered to their hard drive.  As the usage of these services grow cloud storage providers have an opportunity to leverage their identity models and security credentials on a broader scale.


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Use Twitter to Decide Where To Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Marketers are always seeking to better understand their target buyers.  Better data about customers would not only help companies refine their messaging, but it would also help them optimize marketing spend.  CMOs and their leadership team struggle to answer questions such as:  What are the best websites to advertise on?  What trade shows should I exhibit at?  What are my customers hobbies and personal interests?  For decades marketers have been guessing at the answers to these questions.  Through trial and error they have stumbled upon a spending mix that meets their lead generation targets, but never really know whether better results are possible.  What little data marketers could obtain was usually from vendors selling exhibit space at trade shows or display ads on media sites.


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Marketers Need Goggles for the Enterprise

A CMO walks into his/her weekly planning meeting. The first item on the agenda is the need to run a pipeline building campaign to meet the quarterly revenue projections. The CMO says “Why don’t we re-run the campaign we used to launch the product last year. We can use the original advertisements like the one hanging on the wall outside the boardroom.” Everyone looks at each other as they start to think to themselves “I know exactly what ad the CMO is referring to, but I’m not sure where to find the source files?”


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What Swingers Can Teach Us About Web Leads

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Swingers is when the group is debating how long Mikey should wait before calling a girl he just met at the bar. The group argues amongst themselves about whether two, three, four or five days is the best duration before calling. While a delayed response to new leads in the dating scene is often preferred, the opposite holds true in the world of business. The faster you can respond to new inbound leads the higher the likelihood that you will close them.


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Should you Send Marketing Emails on Friday Afternoon?

You have been scrambling all week to prepare a very important notification to your customers. The message is time-sensitive, but also requires delicate wording so as not to upset your customer base. As a result the approval cycle has dragged on for days with different executives suggesting changes. Finally, you have obtained the last approval. It is now noontime on Friday. Do you send the email communication out to 10,000 customers now? Or do you wait until Monday morning?


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