Ten Examples of Growth Hacking

I have read a number of blogs and articles about growth hacking over the past few years. Most of them talk in circles, citing a few examples of companies that made it big, but never really define what the term means. As a reader you cannot help but feel stupid for not understanding what the big deal is, but you are too ashamed to ever admit it. Unfortunately, I am one of those big company, East-Coast, VP of Marketing types who “just doesn’t get it.” So I am clearly not the target audience.


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Personal Brand versus Corporate Brand

Over the past six months I have noticed the phrase “personal brand” popping up more frequently than ever before. Usually, the phrase is used in the context of a complaint about someone’s social media approach. Personal brand is a politically correct way of saying “self-promotion.” And it is particularly challenging with spokespersons and thought leaders that are amongst the most active on social media channels in companies.


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Who in Marketing Should Own Social Media?

The subject of who should own social media accounts is a highly controversial issue in almost every B2B company I speak with.  The good news is that there is a lot of enthusiasm and passion around social media in marketing organizations.  The bad news is that there can be cutthroat competition for ownership that creates a civil war amongst your team.  The most likely candidates are the corporate communications team and the demand generation function.  Both organizations have a strong case for ownership.


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Hire a Graphic Facilitator for Your Next Customer Event

Do you have a customer seminar or advisory board coming up in the next few months?  Are you looking to add a new element of creativity to your event to offset the monotony of all-day PowerPoint marathons?  Consider hiring a graphic facilitator.  Graphic Facilitation is the process of translating complex ideas into words and pictures in real time.  You have probably seen graphic facilitators at shows you have attended over the past few years.


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Don’t Hire a Developer to Build Your Next Mobile App, Do It Yourself with AppMachine

Mobile apps are no longer a nice-to-have. They are an expectation.  Your company needs an app, if only for marketing purposes.  Your next customer event needs an app with the agenda, floorplan and live news feed.  If you are a spokesperson, perhaps you yourself need an app to display your blogs, tweets and presentation materials.  But finding talented developers who will build a customized, small apps for you can be challenging. The best app developers are in high demand and often don’t want to work on smaller projects that only pay a few thousand dollars.


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I Wish Marketing Content Were Read on a Kindle

Marketing Automation Management software from companies like Eloqua, Hubspot and Marketo has brought us tremendous insights into content.  We can now tell how many times a particular white paper, case study or brochure was downloaded.  And in many cases we can tell exactly who is reading it (When users register before downloading the content).   We can view statistics about the demographics of readers (title, industry, country) of different content pieces.  In fact, there is so much data about content downloads that it can be overwhelming.


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How Technical is Your Marketing Organization

Technology has become a critical factor in every marketing organization’s ability to be successful.  Skills in areas such as website development; marketing automation management; CRM integration; search engine optimization and website analytics have become just as important as the traditional marketing disciplines of public relations, competitive analysis, brand management and product marketing.


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