Should you Send Marketing Emails on Friday Afternoon?

You have been scrambling all week to prepare a very important notification to your customers. The message is time-sensitive, but also requires delicate wording so as not to upset your customer base. As a result the approval cycle has dragged on for days with different executives suggesting changes. Finally, you have obtained the last approval. It is now noontime on Friday. Do you send the email communication out to 10,000 customers now? Or do you wait until Monday morning?


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What Dropbox Can Teach Us About Marketing

In the past 12 months there has been a surge in adoption of cloud based storage services from pure-plays like Dropbox and as well as heavyweights such as Microsoft and Google. Unlike the boring, old “c: drive,” cloud file storage services have a tremendous buzz around them. Most consumers could not tell you what brand of hard drive is running on their PC, but everyone knows who Dropbox and Box are these days. These companies have received numerous accolades in the venture capital community as they march towards public offerings. But I don’t think they have received enough credit in marketing circles for some of the ingenious growth hacking strategies they have employed. In this post I will explore some of the marketing techniques that Dropbox has used to massively disrupt the long commoditized market for personal file storage.


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Are Contact Form Submissions a #Fail for B2B Marketing Teams?

One of the best source of highly qualified leads are Contact Us forms on your corporate website. Most forms that users submit on your website are to view webinars, download white papers or access research studies. The end-user may or may not have an immediate need. But with the contact form the prospect is giving you permission to contact them. And in most cases the end-user has a need (which they typically describe in the free form text) that immediately converts into an opportunity.


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The Magic Quadrant and the Million Dollar Question

Here is one of the most challenging situations in analyst relations. Gartner is publishing a new Magic Quadrant for one of the markets you compete in. Your product meets the minimum criteria to participate (e.g. revenues, feature/functionality, customer references). However, you know that you will not place favorably. Think lower left corner! Do you participate in the Magic Quadrant or do you abstain?


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Ten Examples of Growth Hacking

I have read a number of blogs and articles about growth hacking over the past few years. Most of them talk in circles, citing a few examples of companies that made it big, but never really define what the term means. As a reader you cannot help but feel stupid for not understanding what the big deal is, but you are too ashamed to ever admit it. Unfortunately, I am one of those big company, East-Coast, VP of Marketing types who “just doesn’t get it.” So I am clearly not the target audience.


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Personal Brand versus Corporate Brand

Over the past six months I have noticed the phrase “personal brand” popping up more frequently than ever before. Usually, the phrase is used in the context of a complaint about someone’s social media approach. Personal brand is a politically correct way of saying “self-promotion.” And it is particularly challenging with spokespersons and thought leaders that are amongst the most active on social media channels in companies.


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Who in Marketing Should Own Social Media?

The subject of who should own social media accounts is a highly controversial issue in almost every B2B company I speak with.  The good news is that there is a lot of enthusiasm and passion around social media in marketing organizations.  The bad news is that there can be cutthroat competition for ownership that creates a civil war amongst your team.  The most likely candidates are the corporate communications team and the demand generation function.  Both organizations have a strong case for ownership.


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